Introduction: Make a Butcher Block Desk/Workstation

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This is how I made my bespoke, one legged workstation.

Replicate the leg as many times as you need, and attach to the wall where you want to avoid legs.

More detail in the video.

Step 1: Cut Out Main Parts

Use a track saw, or similar to break down your standard butcher block counter top into main desk top, and any legs (as required).

The triangular leg shown in the main picture gives plenty of joint surface for a good attachment, but go with what you prefer.

Cut out for any structures in the way if wall mounting. I had a soil pipe boxing in the corner, so a simple cut out was all I needed.

Step 2: Plane or Sand

Tidy up all the saw cuts, and add bevels to the sharp edges, either with a hand plane or sander, etc.

Bevels on the base of the leg will help avoid it splitting if moved across the floor.

Step 3: Dowels or Dominoes

The leg(s) are attached with large dowels or dominoes. Don't put them all in a straight line, but have some high and some low as shown, which will improve joint strength.

Step 4: Wall Fixing & Finish

To hide the wall battens, rout rebates on the underside of the top, so that once dropped on the top covers the battens (they can be seen from below, looking up, but who's going to be crawling round on the floor!).

Fix the battens level on the wall, at a height such that the leg(s) will make a solid contact with the floor whilst the whole top is level.

Apply a coat or two of Danish oil or similar finish.

Job Done!

This is a seriously easy piece of furniture to make, and if done carefully will look fantastic.

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