Introduction: Make a CD/DVD Guitar Sound Hole Cover

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Why do I want to cover my guitar sound hole?
Sometimes an electric acoustic will feedback with microphones and a sound hole cover will help eliminate that problem.
Sometimes you want to change the tone of your guitar.
Sometimes you want to muffle the volume of your guitar.
Sometimes you drop your pick inside the sound hole and a cover will definitely help.
Sometimes you don't want to spend any money to modify your guitar. A commercial cover will run you 10 to 30 or more dollars.
Sometimes you want your guitar to look a little different.

This is a good reuse of one of your favorite ruined cds or dvds and takes all of 10 minutes to perform.
And if you are artistic, you can paint the cover with acrylics and make it look really different.

I know, why does my guitar only have 5 strings? It thinks it is a banjo.

Step 1: Measure and Cut Cd/dvd to Fit Sound Hole of Your Guitar

1. Lay your dvd over the sound hole. Notice it doesn't fit. The neck of the guitar gets in the way so you have to cut a piece of the dvd off of the side to make it fit over the hole. Mark where you want to cut the side of the dvd off.

2. To cut the dvd, put it in some hot water and use some heavy duty scissors and slowly cut off the piece. The hot water keeps the dvd from cracking.

3. Lay it back over the sound hole and it should look like the photo.

Step 2: Add Pieces of Epp Foam on the Back Side to Hold the Dvd in the Hole

1. Measure the sound hole diameter and center and mark that diameter on the back of the dvd. On those marks ( or even just a little closer to the edge of the dvd) hotglue some pieces of epp foam (the kind that pads computer boxes).

Step 3: Place Sound Hole Cover in Hole of Guitar

The cover is finished and should fit snugly in the sound hole.

Now if you are creative you can paint the cover (after removing it from the guitar)

Rock on!