Introduction: Make a CHARCOAL CHIMNEY

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Here is a simple step by step guide on how to build your own charcoal chimney.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1 large Tin (e.g. peach tin)

8 small screws

Handle wood

1 x 120mm bolt (2 x nuts)

Step 2: Mark and Drill Holes

Mark your tin all the way round the bottom 40-50mm from the bottom.

Clamp it to your bench.

Drill using a 10mm (or bigger) drill bit. If you need to punch a dent or small hole with a nail or old screw.

Step 3: File or Grind the Holes

Use a file or angle grinder to smooth off any rough edges.

Step 4: Drill in Your First 4 Screws

Next you need to drill in 4 of your screws just below the line you drew earlier.

The 4 holes should be at 90, 180, 270 and 360 degrees if you imagine your tin like a compass.

Step 5: Drill and File/grind Your Lid

Next drill 10mm (or bigger) holes in the existing lid of the tin.

Make sure you have it clamped down well.

You can file the edges or use a grinder (definitely faster and provides a smoother finish)

Step 6: Screw in Next 4 Screws to Secure Lid

Once the drilled lid is in the tin sitting on your 4 screws that you screwed in (just below the line drawn earlier), you now need to screw in 4 more just above the line.

This will secure the drilled lid in place.

This becomes the level that the charcoal sits on.

Step 7: Measure, Cut and Drill Handle

You could use many different materials for the handle.

I used a bit of leftover dowel but you could even use a branch from the garden!

I marked t to be the same height as the tin.

Cut it down and then drilled a 10mm hole.

Step 8: Securing the Handle

Hammer your bolt through the drilled handle.

Use a bolt with a square neck, so once hammered in it stays in place.

Drill a 10mm hole in near the top of tin when stood up.

(In my pictures my bolt was too long (160mm) so I cut it down, you should use a 120mm as listed in the materials list)

Attach with 2 nuts tightly.

Step 9: Remove the Base

Use a tin opener to remove the base.

Step 10: TEST IT OUT

You should have the handle tight and it should feel stiff.

Light it up and get cooking!