Introduction: Make a Cardboard and Duct Tape Table

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Have you ever needed a small, movable table to work on a little project?  I know I have.  Whenever I'm laying on the couch, I just move the little table over to in front of the couch to set my drinks and food on.  And even better, it's made completely out of cardboard and duct tape, so it's very light and easy to move around.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You'll need a few basic things:

• A bunch of two-layer corrugated cardboard (really strong, thick cardboard)
• A bunch of duct tape
• An modeling-knife
• A pencil or writing instrument
• Some string
• Some pliers or another pencil
• Ruler

Just keep in mind that the thick cardboard with two layers of corrugation works best (see picture).

Step 2: Draw the Tabletop

In this step, you'll need the string, pliers (or another pencil) and the string.  The string to half of the width of the cardboard box.  One end of the string to the writing utility and the other to the pliers or pointy object.  Stick the pointy object into the middle of the cardboard box.  Move the pencil around the pointy object to draw a circle.  Remove the pointy object from the box.

Step 3: Cut the Tabletops

Cut along the line you drew in the last step with the knife.

Step 4: Cut One Leg

Cut a rectangle that has the same width as the diameter of the tabletop and that has a height of whatever height you want the table to be.  Use a ruler (or other straight edge) when cutting this if you want it to look decent.

Step 5: Cut One Leg (part 2)

Cut a slit in the very middle of the leg that goes just a little more than half way up the leg.  Make sure that it is right in the middle (check with the ruler).  It should have a width of about 1/4 inch.  See the first picture.

Step 6: Cut a Second Leg

Lay the leg already cut on top of the cardboard.  Cut the exact same shape into the cardboard.  You now have two identical legs.

Step 7: Assemble the Legs

Slide one leg into the other.  This creates a four-point star that will support the tabletop.

Step 8: Attach It All Together

Put the tabletop on the ground, good-side-up.  Set the legs on top of the table.  Use little pieces of duct tape to attach the legs to the tabletop.  You don't need to use much tape.  Apply eight pieces of tape total.  However, if the tape doesn't stick because the lines weren't perfectly straight, you can apply extra tape to "tape down the tape".  See pictures for information on this.

Step 9: Test It Out

My table works great.  I've used it to move around in front of the couch.  Currently, I've made two of them, and use them both a lot.  I've tried sitting on both of them, and they both held me no problem.  Anyone weighing less than 150 pounds could sit on it.  Just keep in mind that the thick cardboard with two layers of corigation works best.

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