Introduction: Make a Cartoon of Yourself - Beginners Guide

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I saw more instructables here how to make a cartoon of yourself, but they were hard to follow or the results were bad. So I decide to record the making of the simple cartoon using photoshop. I hope this isn't against guidelines, because it's better to show a real example (video), than showing just a few pictures that will make you more confused than you have ever been before.

Ok, here's what we need to start the process. Make sure that the photo of the person you want to cartoonize is quality, from where you can see the main face details and colors. I usually choose head-shot portraits taken in day light.

Step 1: Follow the Video Tutorial

The video is in it original length, for you to better understand every single step. I have used the very basic tools and the default colors. You can do the same. There are no required skills or any experience. For those who don't have Photoshop, you can download it's free alternative - Gimp. It has nearly the same futures, and works on the same way.

When you will finish making the cartoon, simply save it as PNG or JPG format. Depends for what you will use it for. A JPG format is classic and it's good for the most of the things. But when it comes to printing or adding the cartoon to another picture, PNG format is the best. Don't use a background and you'll be able to print it on shirts or other objects.

Step 2: What You Can Use the Output (cartoon) For?

Well, there are a lot of useful ways. Here's a list of few:

An outstanding profile picture for your social media accounts, an interesting gift for your loved ones, a creative T-shirts and posters, a custom coffee mugs and anything you can think of.

I make this tutorial with a help of GoCartoonMe. A special thanks to the cartoonists, who helped me to learn the basic technique how to turn a photo into a cartoon.

I have seen a lot of artist who are using the same/similar techniques to make their living (mostly as freelancers). Yeah, just from cartooning a pictures of their customers, they're able to make serious money. Anyone who's interested can try to learn this method and start doing the same.

Step 3: Did You Made a Cartoon Following the Steps?

If you made a cartoon following the steps in my tutorial, please share it in the comments. I want to see how GOOD you are. Also, if you have any problem or you get stuck somewhere, I'll be glad to help you. You can either post a question in the comments or send me a message (not sure if possible, I'm a new member).

Thanks for your time and hope you find this Instructable useful.