Introduction: Make a Cheap Spot Welder

How to diy a cheap spot welder

Step 1: We Will Remove Secondary Coils With a Hacksaw

Part list:

01. 12V Relay Module External Trigger Delay Switch Time Adjustable

02. Button Switch

03. 0.15x8mm Nickel Plated Steel Sheet Strap Tape Strip For Battery Spot Welding

Step 2: We Will Add a Second Coil

I use the 70mm cable from old generator you can use other types welding cable. I recommend using a 35mm or more cable

Step 3: Box

I use old ATX psu for the box

Step 4: Timer - Switch - Welding Needle

01. Timer

You try to use other types but there is a note that you should select the timer can set the value is 0.1s. Because if your transformer is of great value long time can burn nickel.

02. Switch

I use a foot pedal from old motor bike. You can use a button as step 1.

03. Welding Needle

I use a needle of electrical soldering iron gun. There are many options for you

Step 5: Modular Design

I designed the module to avoid the wires.

Thanks for watching my friends. See you on next project

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