Introduction: Make a Christmas Santa Ornament for Your Your Table, or Just for the Fun of It. HO HO HO

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These are magical instructions empowering you with the knowledge and seasonal cheer to build a Christmas Santa ornament.

A kit with all of the materials can be purchased at Etsy for US $5.00, plus $2.50 shipping. My wife put this together with instructions, bagged ,and in a sturdy box for a very reasonable cost.

But you can also get in your sleigh and dash off to your nearest elfen craft store and pick these items up for yourself. If you do, this instructable will put you on the right path, in the right spirit and make the world a more cheerful place.

Step 1: Assemble the Materials. and Grab a Cup of Hot Cocoa While You Are at It.

What you will need ( besides the cocoa, and Bing Crosby):

1 2" Styrofoam ball (body)
1 1/2" round wooden bead, flat on one side with hole
1 1/8" diam. wooden dowel (post for head)
2 1/4" wooden dowels for arms
2 3/8" wooden balls (hands)
1 6" round piece of cheerful fabric (Santa's coat)
1 piece of white felt for beard, mustache, hat trim
1 one red pompom (Santa's nose)and one white pompom (for his hat)
1 small wrapped package, toy or wreath (for ambiance)
2 pieces of fabric for sleeves (more cheerful holiday fabric - best if it matches his coat)
1 piece fabric for Santa's hat (this can be any holiday fabric, red fabric, or even green)

Take a sip of that cocoa if you have not already!

Step 2: Tools and Other Items You Will Need From Your Workshop.

What you need to borrow from the elves:

Pink colored pencil for cheeks
Black fine-point permanent marker for eyes
Tacky glue, optional glue gun, adhesive tape
Needle and thread
Serrated knife to cut Styrofoam

Got it all? Ok - lets make Santa!

Step 3: Constructing Santa

Cut 1/8 thick slice off bottom of foam to flatten base. Take a smaller slice off top for head rest.
For fabric circle, press under � to create a firm edge. Knot end of thread in needle and sew running stitches 1/8 from edge of circle; pull thread to gather fabric around ball; fasten off. Glue edge as flat as possible to top, leaving space at center. Trim as needed.

Refer to the picture while making. And don't forget about the cocoa.

Glue one end of 1/8 thick dowel into hole in bead for head; push and glue other end into center top of body. Let dry.

Glue fabric sleeves around arm dowels; trim excess. Glue ball to one end of each arm. Glue other end to shoulder, close to head.

Form hat into cone to fit head, glue side closed. Glue long felt strip flush to lower edge. Glue white pompom to top.

Color cheeks with pink pencil. Glue beard to face, gluing ends at upper back of head. Add mustache and red pompom nose. Make a dot with marker for each eye.

Glue hat to head. Glue package, toy or wreath to arm or hand.

Step 4: Enjoy....or Make More

These are great fun can be used as gifts, tree ornaments, or you can have Santa hold a card in his hands. I am sure you will find even more uses for him.

Merry Christmas!