Introduction: Make a Chunky Flower Ring

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This ring is pretty simple, since I don't have any special tools to work with. It's also pretty big so you can definitely show it off. 

Step 1: Get the Supplies

You will need:
  • Flexible wire, you can use thicker wire but it will be really hard to bend
  • Scissors, to cut the wire, use wire cutters if yours is thicker
  • Beads, depending on how big your loops are you will need more or less

If you have a plain ring-thingie you can use that. It will save some time but you will have to hot glue the flower part to it. If you choose to use one, make sure it fits your finger.

Step 2: Wire

Take about a foot and a half long piece of wire (longer or shorter if you want bigger or smaller petals. Now pinch it about 3" down from one end and start putting beads on. Check to see if you like the shape of the petal by bending it into a petal shape. Make sure you know the amount of beads on it so the petals will be roughly the same size. However, you can make the petals different sizes if you want.

Bend it into a petal shape, make sure to leave a small piece of wire about that big left  â–º ___
Take the longer end and wrap it around the short end a couple times.

Step 3: Add More Petals

Take the longer end and put more beads on. Once you have the beads on, make it into a petal and loop the end around again. Repeat until you have the desired number of petals. Loop wire around all of the petals, and around the middle a little until you used all of the wire. Tuck the end in a little so it won't scratch you when you put the ring on. You can make another flower to attach to the top of the first one for a layered look.

Step 4: Ring Part

If you have the already made type ring thingie just hot glue the flower to it and your done.

If not, take a piece of wire about 5" long and tuck one end in on the bottom of the flower part then use it to measure around the biggest part of your finger. Wrap it around (over) the middle top part of the flower and back down and around 3-4 times. You want it to be tight, but not so tight that it doesn't fit anymore. Even I get this wrong since I have only made two so far

Step 5: Keep the Bands Together

Bend the petals up. Take a little more than an inch (but not that much) of wire and make a coil thing around it. It only has to be about this big when you push it together â–º ___
Your coil is probably loose so push the two ends together. Push it up to the top of one end. Do the same thing for the other side. Make sure  the ends are pushed down good so you don't scratch yourself.
Now bend the petals down and try it on. Your done! :)