Introduction: Clutch Purse (or Wallet) From Duct Tape & Felt

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I developed this tutorial for a tween craft day at work (I'm a public librarian). They loved it.

Of course, we mostly got girls. One of their brothers pointed out that boys could make wallets or holders for their library cards by just scaling down the size of the piece of felt. I definitely plan on doing that next time.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need

  • scissors
  • clean rigid board or surface you don't mind getting some tape residue on
  • duct tape in desired colours
  • standard size sheet of craft felt (approx. letter/A4 size)
  • small piece of Velcro
  • things to decorate your clutch with (ribbons, gem stones, etc)
  • glue

Step 2:

Cover one side of your felt with strips of duct tape so that a little bit hangs over each side. I used stripes, but any pattern is possible.

Step 3:

Flip your felt and tape creation over.

Step 4:

Cut the overhanging tape off. Leave the top 1/3 and above.

Step 5:

Fold. To do this bring the bottom up to the 2/3 line.

Step 6:

Cut two pieces of tape approximately the same length as the side of the pocket.

Step 7:

Wrap one piece around each side to tape the pocket closed.

Step 8:

Place a strip of tape over each remaining felt edge. Press together well to other tape.

Step 9:

Cut along the edge of the felt

Step 10:

Fold the top flap over the pocket. You’re done!

Step 11:

Attach a piece of velco as a closure, and decorate however you want!

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