Make a Connector PL 259 How a Professional

Introduction: Make a Connector PL 259 How a Professional

A good antenna connection need to be strong and electrically good, on radio application this a way to give a good dx results

Step 1: Strip the Jacket

Put your PL parallel to coax and strip the coax jacket from 1/2 screw back on the connector in to end tip of the PL259. Take care not cut the shield copper.

Step 2: Pre-solder the Shield

See the little holes on the connector, pre solder from 1/4 inch back of the holes to end of the dielectric on the connector

Step 3: Strip a Center Element

With a knife cut the shield and the coax dielectric until central element, take care not cut or damage a central wire and remove all copper between shield and center

Step 4: Screw the PL259

Screw the PL259 to coax the PVC jacket give a support, screw hard until shiel stop on dielectric, check you can see the pre soldered shield thru holes and measure not have a short between tip and ring or body on the connector.

Tip: remember before come in the PL ring over the coax cable

Step 5: Solder and Finish

With a pre soldered shield you need a less heat on the connector body, when all is heat solder each little hole, and end on the tip. Not put much core rosin solder.

Now you have a great PL Installation, take care use a good quality connector

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    1 year ago

    hey 50 years I have been doing these and never thought to pre solder the shield . How dumb am I .. Thanks

    Put some glue lined heat shrink on and pull it up when the top is on. Seals the back for marine use.


    Reply 1 year ago

    I am very happy this instructables is good for a experimented amateur, tnx by your tip for seal. 73