Make a Container From Plumbing Parts and a Badge

Introduction: Make a Container From Plumbing Parts and a Badge

What to do when an event is over and you remove that very attractive badge that was worn during the event. It may be very meaningful or very beautiful but it is just going to be thrown in a drawer. Not necessarily! Make an attractive container that can be set out in any room in the house and gain a useful container as well.

Step 1: Requirements Pic Badge, Pvc,

A Badge of a size to cover the pvc cap

PVC cap (your choice of size) to match the badge size

plywood or wood .188

Access to a laser cutter, scroll saw or band saw


Step 2: Method Pic of Pin, Circle, Glued Circle, Finsihed

Remove the pin from the back of the badge

cut a circle out of the wood the diameter of the inside of the pvc cap.

Glue the wood circle onto the back of the badge.

When the glue has set up, admire your attractive container.

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