Introduction: Make a Death Note Using Graphite Transfer

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Need a Death Note for your next cosplay? Just want a coffee table piece? Make one today with this foolproof method that even the most artistically challenged can do.

I actually haven't watched alot of Death note, but my friend has a sister who absolutely loves it. For her birthday, said friend wanted to get her a Death Note. He didn't know how to do it and since I'm an Art Education major he drafted me to do it.

Using a graphite transfer method was the simplest and most cost effective means I could think of. So long as you can color in the lines you're good. I made Brian's sister two notebooks, Light Yagami's and Misa Amane's. Since it was finals week when he asked me to do this, I made Light's first. I didn't think to make an instructible until I got around to this one. I used the same method for Light's.

Also, don't mind my terrible pictures. I didn't have any other camera save for the webcam that was build into my computer.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

You'll need:

Black Notebook (I have Moleskine notebooks, but any kind that isn't spiral bound should do.)
Paper (not shown)
Printer (not shown)
Silver Sharpies
Flat surface to work on

Step 2: Find Your Image

I used these images for the two Death Notes I made. Misa's is from a much larger picture that I didn't bother saving. Feel free to save yourself some searching time and use these. Load them into Microsoft Word and size them to your preference. I used landscape mode for this one, but portrait for Light's. Either way works fine.

Step 3: Prepare Your Paper.

Next, you'll need to cut off the excess paper around your text and then color the opposite side. Cover all of the page in graphite where the words will be. Holding your paper up to the light helps. Color it in dark, making as little  of the paper show as possible. This is the  part that will transfer  onto the notebook and I would rather  have too much than too little.

When you are done, tape the paper down where you want the title to be. Do this lightly because you don't want to run the risk of tearing the notebook when you remove the tape.

Also, don't mind my dorky face, lol.

Step 4: Transfer!

Firmly color in the words on the paper. Stay in the lines.

Any mark you make on the paper will transfer the lead on the opposite side of the paper onto the cover of the book, so be careful. If you have a checkbook that makes copies, it works in essentially the same manner.

When you're done, carefully peel off the tape and paper. Your words should have successfully transferred! Celebratory awkward picture not required. :)

Step 5: Color in the Title.

This is when you get out your Silver Sharpie and color in your title. Take your time, if you rush it will reflect in your work.

Step 6: And Now You Are Finished!

When you're finished, let it dry and enjoy! You've successfully made a Death Note!

*****A word of Caution*****I would advise against taking this with you to school or any other similar establishment. People who aren't familiar with the series, or anime in general, could interpret this as a hit list. People have gotten suspensions for writing names down in these, so please be mindful of what you do with them. I am not responsible for any trouble you guys might get in.

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