Introduction: Make a Desk Out of Your Dresser Drawer

Do you need a desk but you really don't want to spend money on more furniture or you don't have enough space in your room? Well, with this tutorial you can easily turn your dresser drawer into a desk that can be put into the place again, or it can still be used as a drawer if you really need to. All you need is some wood and a few tools.

Let's do it!



Dresser drawer;
2 hinges;
8 screws (the number depends on the hinges you're using);
Hook (or something that works out for holding the table legs);


Measuring tape;
Saw or fret saw;
Wood drill bit;
Phillips head drill or Phillips screwdriver;
Hot glue gun;
Metal saw or pincer;

Step 1: Turn Your Drawer Upside Down

Empty your dresser drawer and turn it upside down.
Check the thickness of the dresser drawer lid and write it down.

Step 2: Measure the Desk Height and Build the Desk Legs

1) Measure from top to bottom the total height of the desk.

1.1)If the drawer lid is thick, from the total heigh subtract the thickness of the lid so the legs have the proper length.

2) Measure the length of the drawer. It should be bigger than the desk legs height so they can be folded inside.

3) With the help of a saw or fret saw cut 2 equal wood pieces that will work as desk legs with the length measured in 1).

Step 3: Let's Get Our Foldable Desk Legs Ready

For this step you'll need:

Desk legs;

Dresser drawer;

2 hinges;


Driller + wood drill bit;

Driller + phillips head drill or phillips scewdriver;

1) Place the hinge in the far end of the desk leg with half of the hinge facing outside just like in the second picture.

2) Be careful with the hinge folding direction. Just pre-place the leg to check if everything is alright just like in the third picture.

3) Make short holes for placing the screws;

4) Place the screws;

5) Repeat for the other desk leg.

Step 4: Check Hook Dimensions

Before placing the legs it's important to see where they should be placed.
The idea of this desk is that the legs can be folded inside the drawer and they shouldn't interfere with the other dresser drawers. So the hook prevents the legs from unfolding when the desk is stored.

I used a hook that rotates from left to right. So the desk legs should unfold while the hook is on the left position (unlock position) and should hold the legs folded while it's rotated to the right (lock position).

1) Measure the length of the hook in the unlock and lock position.


Unlock position: 1.5 cm

Lock position: 3 cm

2) The sides of the legs should be placed between 1.5 and 3 cm so they can unfold in the unlock position and they can be held by the hook in the lock position.

3) Mark this position with a pencil for both legs.

Step 5: Place the Legs and the Hook Lock

1) Place the desk legs in the marked position and screw the legs to the drawer lid;

2) Fold the legs and check for the right spot to place the hook lock;

3) Depending on the hook you're using, place the hook with hot glue, nail or screw. Just make sure it's tight enough and that it withstands the weight of the wood desk legs;

Step 6: Cut the Standing Out Screws

Turn the desk upside down. Most likely the screws are standing out so it's better to cut these off.

1) Cut the screw excess with a metal saw or pincer;

2) Cover the spots with hot glue and let it cool.

It's ready to be placed again in the dresser!

Step 7: Test Your New Space Saving Desk!

All you need to do now is add a bit of personal touch to your new desk. Paint it, sand it or add some table cover.

Every time you need your drawer back, just turn your desk upside down!

Let me know about any improvement ideas! I would love to hear them.

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