Introduction: Make a Diabolical "Master Switch"

In order to save electricity (and be green), I have set the electric in my room so I can turn everything off using a cheapo wireless switch and extention cords. I have always thought that I could use the remote like a relay to trigger the electric with an extravagant switch (in my case a key switch).
No soldering skills required.

Make sure you are not connecting more to the remote switch than it is rated for.
For instance, I bought a heavy duty (3000 watt) one. Most are only rated for a light or two. Be careful.

Here is a remote like the switch I used (but lower wattage).

Step 1: Materials:

You do not need much for this,
You will need a remote switch, tape, a switch of some sort (I used a key switch I got from a boating supply store), tin foil, wire, and a screw driver (depends on the remote)

Step 2: Open the Remote

Open the remote and locate the solder points on the back that correspond to the button.

Step 3: Short Circut It!!!!!!

Now using some tin foil, short the leads that activate the switch. Make sure you take out the battery.

Step 4: Tap Into Its Battery.

Take out the battery, in each of the ports for the battery put wires (or tinfoil). Connect one of the wires to the battery and extend the wire from the battery. You now have your two activator leads.

Step 5: Test It Out.

Test the leads, also make sure that they are secure.

Step 6: Connect the Switch

Preferably put the remote up high for better range and connect the two leads to your switch.
Here you see the finished switch.

Step 7: Plug in Main Base.

Set up your house (in my case since mine is small I use extention cords behind furnuture) to use your new switch and install base station. Congratulations, you now have a wireless relay with a switch!

Step 8: Hurraa!

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