Introduction: Make a Dinosaur

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Lets make Stegosaurus!
if you just want to make something just for fun.  Try this one. Its easy and fun. Especially if you like dinosaurs! You can make a stegosaurus if you want bud whit these steps you can make every dinosaur you want!

Step 1: Materials

You need the things you see in the picture. before you gone make anything make sure you get some nice inspiration on dinosaurs.

Step 2: Drawing

Find a skeleton of a stegsaurus and.  Or just look up an skeleton of the dinosaur that you are gone make. Then you can draw ruffly main area of the skeleton. this will become the skeleton of the clay model for stability and strength.

Make sure you always measure the tail so that it is long enough.
Always draw the skeleton of the dinosaur from the side.

Step 3: Cutting

Cut out all the cardboard pieces, make sure to copy the legs and the spikes twice.

Step 4: Assembly Time

You need to enter a wire. This will function as a backbone for your skeleton.
you easily can push the wire trough the cardboard.
If the cardboard pieces are a bit loose just leave them its no problem.

For the legs you do the same thing and connect the legs to the skeleton.

Step 5: Alumium

Add some aluminum foil on the skeleton. this will make the skeleton stay fit and strong.

Step 6: Keep Adding Foil

keep adding foil until the dinosaur is stable and can stand on it self.
After this add some more aluminum foil and then ad some more until it is nice and round.

Step 7: Positioning

When you have fatted up the dinosaur whit oil you can start positioning of the dinosaur. this is very a crucial step. Move the legs and tail and body around until you have a cool position. make sure it is a solid model now that stands stable.  

This will determine the final position of the model. in this phase you can just move everything around and compose of the dinosaur. 

Step 8: Claying

Add thin layers of clay on the model. roll the clay flat and apply on the model. you can just a bit of water to make the clay stick better.

Step 9: Spikes

Connect the spikes whit little piece of wire and put them in the back of the dinosaur. then you can add some clay and blend them in to the back.

Step 10: Adding Details

When you have completely covered the stegosaurus with clay, you can add some details in the clay. The skin you can mold whit a rock or sandpaper or just something like that.

Step 11: Painting

you can paint now. Use a big brush and make it the way you like it!

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