Introduction: Make a Document Camera Out of an Old Box and a Mirror.

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This project recycles an old box to make a document camera. Distance learning is not great, but this document camera can help a teacher see what a student is writing on. This document camera can also be used by a teacher as a document camera too. This project makes an excellent document camera. I have a link to free app that removes the keystone effect pasted at the end of this instructable. Recycle any mirror for the mirror, but you can also order a $4 mirror here:

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An old box Glue An exacto knife A whiteboard A cutting board A marker A mirror (This can be bought from for around $4 depending on the size you order. I used a 60mmx70mmx3mm acrylic mirror.). If you buy 20 then the individual price goes down to $2.

Step 1: Cut Box Into Two 3 Inch Squares

Cut the squares out of the old box. Use the cutting board.

Step 2:

Measure the thickness of you laptop's lid. Transfer this thickness to the cardboard squares. Cut out the width of your laptop lid.

Step 3: Find the Perfect Angle for Your Mirror.

Slip the cardboard squares onto the lid of your laptop. Put the mirror over the laptop camera. Angle the mirror so the laptop camera is redirected to your laptop's keyboard. While holding the mirror at the correct angle, use the marker to draw a line along the back of the mirror on the cardboards pieces.

Step 4: Cut a Groove Into the Cardboard

Cut a groove part of the way through the cardboard along the mirror angle line. Do not cut all the way through the cardboard. Push the mirror down along the groove you cut. Check to see if the mirror fits snuggly. If it doesn't you can start again or fiddle with the cut a second time.

Step 5: Glue the Mirror in Place

Smear glue in the mirror groove on both squares.

Step 6: Glue Mirror in Place

Put the mirror in the grove of one of the squares. Put the other square on the mirror. Wiggle the mirror into the groove of the second mirror.

Step 7: Adjust Zoom and Adjusting Keystone Effect

I made an instructable on how to adjust your Zoom settings here:

Remove the keystone effect with the app found here:

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