Introduction: Make a FREE House Lounger for Your Baby

About: I usually end up doing an instructable because I have to figure out how to do something myself. I just get pictures during the process, and if it works out, BOOM, an instructable!
Disclaimer: Please read !

This instructable is really just a great idea to recycle something that would otherwise go into a landfill.

I ask that you read this, because in no way do I condone the use of an out of date car seat for use in a car.  This instructable uses an out of date car seat, so please don't comment about the use of an out of date car seat in a car - and how wrong it is to use in a car- without understanding what I am doing by reading the instructable !

I had no idea that car seats for babies have an expiration date.  This makes them useless (and illegal to use in the car) once this date is past.

I can only imagine how many of these are tossed into a landfill every year.

With this instructable, you can turn that useless car seat into a nice lightweight house lounge chair for you baby !

Step 1: The Beginning

I was lugging my newborn around the house in his hefty car seat while doing cleaning, dishes, etc.  This was working, and I was able to keep an eye on the baby at all times, but the car seat is large and weighs a ton.

I got to thinking about the expiration date on car seats, and how they are just tossed into the dumpster when I got the idea for this instructable.

Take an out of date car seat and make it into a house lounger for your baby !

Step 2: The Whole Process

I obtained an out of date car seat using 'freecycle', but I'm sure there are tons of ways to get them, like craigslist, etc.

I made it very clear that I was not planning on using it in a car, but instead I was planning to make it a house lounger for my baby.

The reason that I'm not putting many pictures in this instructable is because there really isn't a need for them.  I recycled everything that I possibly could from the following process.

1.  Get an out of date car seat (a rocker bottom is a plus !)

2.  Wash the padding and cover and let them dry thoroughly.

3.  Remove anything not necessary for a house lounger -

I removed all metal parts, springs, snap in handles (for attaching the seat to the base), seat belts, etc. 

You can choose to leave what you want.  I left the carry handle (of course), but all of the extra junk that you don't need anymore reduced the weight considerably, and opened up some extra holes in the bottom for better airflow.

It also helps if you add a little extra padding (like a folded towel) under the cover where baby's butt goes.

4.  Clean, clorox, remove labels, etc.

I put the seat in the tub and scrubbed it with clorox, and I used goof off for plastic to remove all of the labels.
Once it was scrubbed down good, I dried it off, then let it air dry for a day.

The entire process took me about an hour, and then the next day, once everything was dry, I put the cover on and added the baby !

Now he has his first man chair, which is lightweight, super clean, and has a carry handle and a rocker bottom.

See the picture in the intro step !