Introduction: Make a Fascinator

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     I needed something frilly and furiously pretty.  The Olympics will be held in London and making a fascinator seems like a fun way to upate your wardrobe without breaking your wallet.  This instructable uses post consumer goods,  one - 2 liter soda bottle.  In this project you will transform soda bottle into couture ribbons of gold.

This fascinator could be worn for bridal, quinceniera, or New Years Eve.

Step 1: Step One

     1 soda bottle (2 liter )
      4 rolls of gold ribbon ( 1/4"x 5 yards)
     1 roll of golden ribbon ( 1 1/2"x  3 feet)
     1 piece of paper
      1 compass
     1 button  (3/4" or 1")
      1 felt piece ( 4" square)
     1 spool of yellow thread
     5 quilting pins
     1 permanent marker
      1 utility knife
     rubbing alcohol
      4 cotton balls
      glue gun
      1 glue stick
     4 bobby pins
     drill bit about 1/16" ( for sewing needle to pass through )
     small wood block ( 3"x 3")

     Step One:
     Collect one empty soda bottle.  Cut off the top and bottom of the bottle using the label as your guide.  Cut vertically along the label seam.  You have transformed your piece of plastic cylinder into a sheet that measures about 13"x 6".

Step 2:

Step two: Making a pattern.
     On a piece of paper use your compass to draw a series of radius 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3".  Use your permanent marker to trace the circles on your new sheet of plastic.  After you have drawn all the circles on one side, slide the paper to the other side and draw the rest of the circles.            The goal is to cut one continous path to the center on the opposite end.

     Make a starter cut on the plastic sheet with a utility knife by starting at the center of the circle.  Soon you will be able to cut with scissors.  When you are at the outer edge of the first series of circles it is time to cut a path that leads to the outer ring of the other side.  Work on this continuous path till you reach the center.  Trim bits of plastic that form square ends.  Now you have a long continous ribbon of plastic that is curly and flexible.

Step 3: Steps 3 and 4

  Step Three:
    Clean up the marker lines by soaking the cotton ball in rubbing alcohol.    

     Step Four:  Wrapping it in Gold!
     Take your 1/4" wide golden ribbon and tuck it at on one of the circle ends and wrap it around you plastic ribbon.  Make sure to overlap the gold ribbon each time you wind around it while pressing your finger on the width to keep it flat, neat and tight.  When you finish your first spool of ribbon, sew it with needle and thread to keep from unraveling.  Continue to wrap until you reach the other end.  Sew to keep it from unraveling. 

Step 4: Step 5

 Step Five: Make a rosette.
     Take the 1/2" wide gold ribbon start gathering if it has wire in it.  If the ribbon doesn't have wire baste stitch the length of 3 feet and gather it. 

     Take your drill and place the wood block under the larger plastic sphere which will be the base of your fascinator.  Drill three holes. 

     Sew the rosette through the drilled holes or use the ribbon's wire to fasten to the base.  Sew a button over the ribbon.

     Use your pencil to draw around the base to trace the shape on felt.  Cut along the outline.  Hot glue the only in the center of the felt and let the edges of felt flap freely.  Good work!  You just made a fascinator.  Fasten to hair with four bobby pins. 

Step 5: Fascinating Views

Here's some fascinating views.

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