Introduction: Make a Funky Safety Pin Bracelet

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This safety pin bracelet is cool, easy to make, and gets rid of that big box of safety pins in your closet! All you need is 80 safety pins,(the bigger the better!) elastic cord, and seed or E beads in colors of your choice. Depending on the wrist size, you might use more or less safety pins. You can create different styles with different size safety pins, colored pins, and pins with multicolor beads.

Step 1: Putting Beads on Your Pins

Get a safety pin and open it up. String beads onto the open pin, and then close it up. Do this with exactly half of your safety pins, leaving the other half empty.

Step 2: Sringing the Pins

Cut two 12-inch pieces of elastic. Tie one string onto one end of the first beaded safety pin, leaving a tail for later.(like in the picture) Tie the other string onto the other end of the pin. String an empty safety pin flipped onto the two strings. Look at the pictures below for help. Keep stringing the safety pins in the beaded then flipped empty pattern with all of the pins.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Tie the first upper string end to the other upper string end, and repeat with the bottom string ends. And you have a funky, safety pin bracelet! Thank you so much for reading my instructable. I hope you have as much fun as I do making these bracelets! Don't forget to vote!

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