Introduction: Make a Game on Scratch!!

About: i am 11 yrs and i like video games and coding

watch the video or read the steps (I prefer the video)

scratch web page:

and here is my game

Step 1: Make a Sprite

1st step is making the sprites

look at the images.

Step 2: How to Move on Scratch

the second step is to learn how to use the arrow keys

if you look in the picture above then you will see 2 ways to move right

then you simply repeat that process for every arrow or you can do w a s d

then it should look like the 3rd picture

Step 3: The ORB!!!!

the 1st image above is my drawing of the orb

the orb will run around the screen and the sprite that has the arrow-key-code on it will trie to cach it

the second image makes the orb go to random positons

Step 4: Detecting Contact and Points

so first you make a variable look at the first 2 pics

then on the orb sprite put in the code on the 3rd pic


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