Introduction: Make a Ghost Detector!

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Ok the title it's amazing but the real it's not.

This is the fisrt of mi tutorials about UFO's, paranomal activity and other weird things!

I believe in it, and i'll investigate about a themes and i want to add some electronic applied for to understand or nearly investigate for obtain some help from it. The real name of this project would be: MAKE AN EMF DETECTOR, but remember that energy is in everywhere and in everything.

Lets do this!


Also called Electromagnetic field detector (EMF) detector!

An electric field describes the funky area near any electrically-charged object. Scientists don’t use the word "funky", but it works. It could also be called an electrostatic field. Any other charge that enters that area will feel a force, and the original object will also feel that force (Newton's Third Law). It's kind of like a spider sitting at the center of a web.

The function of this circuit it really basic, it's to connect a transistors array called (cascade).

it's purpose is to amplify the gain of each transistor and at the last to obtain a huge gain in current. and the "betta" of the array it can be obtained only multiply the factors.

In this circuit the transistors NPN 2N222A which it has a nominal bettta of 100

in this case Btotal=B1*B2*B3=100*100*100= 1'000'000 million of typical gain!

the resistors ins the collector of each transistor is calculated for to put in common emitter which significate that the emitter of the final transistor is connected to ground

Vcc=9v (batterie volatge)

Vcollector-emitter=0.7 V



For to probe the functional circuit it's recomended connect all accord to schematic in the back step and to probe all together (remember all not works accord the calculated ever).

But in this circuit all works fine :)


Here is a PDF File in which you can download the pcb, print it and iron it to a copper board for to make the circuit or just simple make it in a prefabricated board, it's very simple and useful.


OK only take me 2 hours to assembly the circuit, but it works, i know it's simple but you can modify it as you want and your needs requires, i used a recycle plastic box for enclosure, recycled transistors, leds, and wires for make it friendly with people all over the world!


OK, maybe this circuit doen't works for to "detect" ghosts but it could be used for to check:

Hot Wires in a house domestic line (the led will bright in the cable which is the hot cable)

Detect if you are "charged" with electrostatic charges and the led will bright when detect some EMF. it can be very useful when you work with: MOSFETS, CMOS technology devices and their similars.

But remember the souls lost out there in the night too have some kind of energy and maybe you could detect it in a cemetery in the middle of the night, who knows :)

Gracias por leer mi instructable!