Introduction: Make a Giant Twix!

You know those days where you are at home, shot, upset and unwilling to sing a beautiful song? Well I know what you have to do join the obese friends and make a giant Twix bar!


Step 1: Ingredients

2 packages of Cornflour biscuit (The package that says maisena)

1 package of caramel candy
2 pounds of chocolate

First of all you will need something that have the same shape as the twix to make as it pan, or you take something that you like to use, easy peezy, the business now is to make chocolate.
Now you have to grease the pan, after that you'll need to work on the other things

Have someone open the caramel candy the lazy friend can crash the biscuit (put it on the blender and shake a little bit so you dont get stuck)

Step 2: Melt the Chocolate

While caramels are melting, the wafers are ground and the "form" is already ready, let someone melting chocolate in the hot water.Not all the chocolate melts, only 1 kg. After melted, it's time to throw the chocolate in the pan. Either way, get what you want.

Step 3: Melt the Caramel

After spreading to almost all the chocolate you melted the pan, use a spoon and spread the sweet by pan, after it, find a place in the freezer. It is important that this layer is especially thick because she will endure the hot caramel.
To melt the caramel, you use the same process you use on the chocolate After you cut the freezer melted to form the chocolat and put the caramel on top.

Step 4: Just Throw a Cookie on the Caramel

Caramel properly put in tile, then comes the wafer.
Why not very complicated. just throw a cookie on the caramel.

Step 5: Filling the Holes

Ok formed Chocolate, caramel and wafer placed crushed. Now we just lack the fresh seal.
Melt chocolate which he left in the same scheme maria bath. Make some holes filled in for the best chocolate fix.
Start filling the holes then spread throughout the chocolate.

Step 6: End

It is now so play the tile in the freezer again and wait.
After an hour the sweet must be ready. There is only drawn from the freezer, turn the table
and remove the butter paper.