Introduction: Make a Green Mango Juice

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Natural juice are the best friend for a health human. I have a big tree at my home , so i decided to make a green mango juice with full nutrients and vitamins. It gets ready in 10 minutes and always ready to serve. Will refresh you and your mood anytime and anywhere. Lets make it by your own
It can be make into differents flavour depending on which you want to make. We can Sugar,black salt ,lemon,Spearmint,etc.

Step 1: Take Green Mango and Wash Them

This Recipe is for 5 glasses.

  • Take 4 mangos,wash them properly.
    You should be careful about your hygiene.
  • Take a Pressuse cooker out

Step 2: Put Them Into Presser Cooker

  • Put all mango into cooker
  • Fill it with water till it starts floating or submerge fully
  • Tighten the lid of the cooker.

Step 3: Wait for 1st Wistle and Dim

  • Place the cooker onto the Flame
  • wait for wistle
  • When wistel occur, dim the flame and wait for 5 mintues
  • now turn off the flame and let it be normal

Step 4: Open It Up and Add Cold Water

  • Open the lid carefully and remove hot water
  • Add cold water equal to amount of 5 glasses of juice

Step 5: Peel Off

  • Remove and peel off the covering of Green mango
  • Also dont forget to take out the big seed inside the mango

Step 6: Mesh It

  • Take han d Blender and start Blending
  • Blend till all mesh up properly

Step 7: Add Sugar and Black Salt

  • Add suitable amount off sugar.In my case i took about 1.5 tea cups of sugar
  • If you want different Flavour then you can add black salt,lemon spearmint also.

Step 8: Mesh and Blend Again

  • Its time to blend again till all mix it up
  • Put some Ice Cubes

Step 9: Ready to Serve and Enjoy!!

Now we have made a fresh Green mango juice in just few minutes.

Serve in a glass or consume in your style. You can add few drops of Lemon or the things depends on you.
Enjoy in this Summer and get refreshed.
You made it..;)

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