Introduction: Make a Guitar Pick From Abalone Shell

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Create a functional & beautiful guitar pick of Power for fellow musicians, friends & family.

So, my nephew is turning into an amazing guitarist... and every year i try to hand carve him a Pick of Destiny!

This year i just had to carve him one out of salvaged broken abalone shell.
(It is much sturdier than other materials i've tried for picks before, wood, soapstones etc. Holds a great edge & can be bevelled & hand ground/honed.)

Also the texture of the back of the shell provides good grip.
Plus, it's really pretty!

Step 1: Prep, Cut, Grind, Shape, Buff & Polish!

Be Sure to wear gloves, a good mask or respirator & watch your fingers when cutting & grinding. (Be kind to yourself!)

Hand Files
Bench Grinding & Buffing Wheel

Abalone Shell

1. Be sure to choose a good piece of abalone shell remnants.

2. Use your Dremel to grind/cut out the raw pattern of the guitar pick.

3. Use Grinding wheel & Dremel to shape pick further, create bevel & hone edges to functional thin but sturdy dimensions. ( A good angle will create a great edge/bevel but be sure to watch your hands!)

4. Buff, Polish & Bless with olive oil for amazing music to be made!

Step 2: Enjoy! Go Forth & Play With Your New Free, Abalone Shell Guitar Pick of Power!!!

Field test and Enjoy!
Try out your new, free, beautiful & functional guitar pick.
Or pass it on and give it as a gift to a musician you hope to encourage!

Cheers & Play On!