Make a Hand Turkey




Introduction: Make a Hand Turkey

Need something fun to do with your kids this Thanksgiving?  Want to be the coolest kid on the block?  Now you can by making a hand turkey!  Here are step-by-step instructions to making the best hand turkeys.  Gobble, gobble!

1 sheet of white computer paper
Colored pencils or crayons

Step 1: Trace Hand

Firmly place one hand, palm down and fingers spread apart, on the sheet of white computer paper.  Starting on one side of your wrist, trace with the black crayon or pencil around your hand until you reach the other side of your wrist.

Step 2: Finish Body

Using the black pencil or crayon, draw a line from start point to end point to finish the body of the turkey.  Draw another line from the bottom of each finger to the next to create the feathers.

Step 3: Eye, Gizzard, and Beak

Color a small black circle near the end of the thumb to make the turkey’s eye.  Below the eye, on the outside of the thumb, draw two ovals that make the gizzard.  On the tip of the thumb, draw one triangle for the beak.

Step 4: Wing and Feet

In the middle of the turkey, draw the wing.  Feet will be drawn at the bottom of the turkey by drawing two straight lines.  At the end of each line, draw three more little lines.

Step 5: Color

Using the green, red, orange, and yellow pencils or crayons, color the each of the fingers a different color.  Color the rest of the body of the turkey brown.  Using the orange pencil or crayon, color the beak.  Color the gizzard with the red pencil.

Step 6: Pilgrim Hat

Draw a pilgrim hat on top of the turkeys head.

Step 7: Grass

Finally, using the green pencil or crayon, color in grass underneath the turkey’s feet. 

Now you have the coolest turkey in your neighborhood!

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