Introduction: Make a High Volume Manual Vacuum Pump

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This video will show how to make a vacuum pump, a device that can be used to suck the air out of sealed environments. This is the same pump I use to operate my vacuum cannon seen here:

A clear vacuum chamber such as the one seen in the video can be obtained by purchasing a bell jar and vacuum plate, easily available online. I highly advise that only vessels made for handling vacuum pressure such as bell jars be used with this or any vacuum pump. If a vessel were to fail while under vacuum the implosion can be powerful enough to cause injury.

This pump is capable of generating pressures of 29 in/Hg.

Vacuum Pump Parts:
16" of 2" PVC Pipe
20" of 1 1/4" PVC Pipe
2" End Cap
1/4"x1/8" Brass Hose Fitting
3' of 1/4" Vacuum Line
1 1/4" End Cap (x2)
1 1/4" Diameter O Ring
2" Coupling
2" x 1 1/2" Reducer
3" x 2" Adapter
3" x 4" Closet Flange
4" of 3" PVC Pipe
10" of 3/4" Dowel
Self Tapping Screws
Bearing Grease

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