Make a Hydroelectric Power Light




Introduction: Make a Hydroelectric Power Light

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Recently I received a hydroelectric, use it to make a SAVE WATER remind, just for fun~~

Step 1: The Material Will Be Used

3.6V Micro Hydro Generator Pro*1

Metal Hose *1

JST 2.0 interface *1

Orange bright LED *1


M2 Screws, nuts *4

3M Black tape

Double-sided adhesive

Sealing band

3mm black opaque acrylic

3mm transparent acrylic

Step 2: Laser Cut Acrylic Panels

There are parts of the text for transparent acrylic, other for black Opaque acrylic, and do not cut the text part, please use the scan.


Step 3: Hydro Generators Installation

Hydro generators installation on the pipe before installation remember to sluice off, screw mouth needs winding Sealing band, note inlet and outlet. After installation you can try to open the sluice.

Step 4: Lamp Socket Assembled

According to pictures shown, assembled these parts together, can use double-sided tape to reinforce, hot melt adhesive~

Installed. You can connect the hydroelectric generator to look the effect , and if there is leakage light, you can use 3M black tape to cover his leakage light places.

Step 5: Done

Good luck~

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