Introduction: Make a Kazoo!

Plastic kazoos are ok, but i wamted a nice hardwood one, also the design allows it to fit easily into a harmonica neck collar holder.

Step 1: Make a Kazoo

Step 2: Hole Drilling

First find some wood, I used an offcut of hardwood from an old door and another from an offcut of beech block kitchen worktop.

Cut a piece 4" long x 1 1/2" wide x 7/8" thick. Holding the wood upright drill a hole 3/16" diameter down the length as far as your drill bit will go, dont worry about going all the way through, as long as the hole is at least halfway.

Step 3: Large Holes

Next drill out that hole to 7/16" diameter, again to at least halfway through.

Turn the wood over and drill 3/16 hole down the centre, this should drill through to the end of the large hole so it now goes right through.

So you now have a hole all the way through the length of your wood, one end is 3/16" the other is 7/16". The larger hole is the mouthpiece end.

Step 4:

Place the wood flat and mark the centre both along the width and the length.

Drill a pilot hole through into the wood through to the lengthwise hole already drilled, IMPORTANT don't drill right through the wood! Next drill out the pilot hole to 7/16".

Sand the corners and mouth piece end for comfort.

Step 5: Making and Drilling the Cover Piece.

Now cut a piece of the hardwood 1 1/2" x 1" x 3/16" thick and drill a 7/16" hole through the centre.

NOTE from past experience. Its easier to drill the hole through a larger piece of wood, then cut it down to size. Its less likely to split or break! Drill and countersink two holes in the small piece of wood. Align the small piece of wood on the body of the kazoo so that the large holes line up, then pilot drill through the countersunk holes into the body to take 5/8" no 4 screws.

Step 6: Fitting the Resonating Membrane.

Now find a plastic carrier or garbage bag, and sandwich a piece between the flat wood and the body, screw the flat piece onto the body and trim off excess plastic bag.

Don't over tighten the screws or you risk splitting the wood.

Give your kazoo a test. Don't blow, you need to make a humming sound which may take a bit of practice! Now you can play any song you like, just hum it!

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