Introduction: Make a Kite Messenger for Covert GI JOE Paradrops

What is a Kite Messenger?

A kite messenger is a device that allows you to "message" your kite. Its like this. Say you want to send your GI JOE a parachuting from much higher up than you can throw. We can use a Kite Messenger. I first say these in 6th grade science lab (We had our own Bill Nye). His had wings that folded up when it reached a stopper close to his kite. He would attach a small object with tassels on it, ferry it up to the kite, when it hit the stopper, it released the object, folded up its wings, and rolled back down. As soon as it began to drop, we would all speed off across the school yard to be the one to catch it. I've seen people doing stuffed animals, candy, really anything you like.

Here Contains highly related information among other information. Originally its in dutch, but hopefully the link will translate it for you. Parachutes aren't as good at lifting as a messenger kite. So, keep the parachute big, and the load light.

Materials Needed

For this project i used the side of a cardboard box (you need 8" x 9", with the corrugation of the cardboard running along the 8" length)
~2 feet of stiff wire (I had some stiff wire, bailing wire type, but a coat hanger will also work)
Glue suitable for cardboard (Which means just about anything it seems.)

Tools Needed

Box Cutter
Needle Nose pliers

Step 1: Cut Your Cardboard Framework

The metal wire is sandwiched between cardboard. There is a third middle cardboard layer to make sure the wire remains free to move/slide.

You need 2 of the grey picture

and 1 of the white picture.

Step 2: Make the Wire Mechanism

Here is an overview of all the parts and measurements. Look about and you should find the measurement for all the parts.

Make the wire mechanism. Leave about an inch of extra wire on the "top" ends of this picture to form a loop with that will act as the attachment onto the kite string.

Step 3: Put It All Together

Gather all the pieces together. lay down the first cardboard layer, then arrange the parts (cardboard and wire) for the middle layer.

When its all lined up, glue the middle layer cardboard pieces to the bottom layer.

Before gluing in the last layer, check that the mechanism slides freely, then proceed to glue.

Note: I am using Wood glue instead of paper glue. It doesnt really matter. As long as it workd on cardboard, use what you got.)

(I apologize, the photographs are upside down)

Step 4: Prepare for the Invasion

Now your kite messenger is ready. Put together a parachute for your trooper, attach him and the messenger to your kite, and watch him soar!

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