Introduction: Make a Leather Craft Burnisher/ Creaser

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made from a scrap 2x4 in about a half hour or less

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Step 1: Get a Piece of Scrap. I Used a 2x4 I Had Kicking Around the Shop.

Mark out the width you want your burnisher and 1/2 inch marks where your drill holes will go.

Step 2: Drill

i used 5 different bits and a drill press to ensure my holes where straight through the board. you could use a hand drill if that's all you have.

Step 3: Rip It

i cut down the center (actually to the off cut side off my line) of the holes on the table saw.
then i trimmed off a bit of the width to for my hand nicer.

Step 4: Sand Sand Sand!

i rounded all of my edges and sanded down my handle to a near point to use as a creaser.
then i sanded everything nice and smooth with the palm sander, and sand paper.

Step 5: That's About It!

you could throw some varnish or some finish coat on it if you'd like. other than that... your done!
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