Introduction: Make a Legend of Zelda Themed Game Console Holster

This is my first how to. I hope you all enjoy it. My example isn't perfect but I did my best. In my example I will be using a Nintendo 2DS but you can use whatever game console you like. You can even make it for your phone!

I do not own Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda or Animal Crossing Happy home designer all of these franchises are owned by Nintendo


The things you will need:

  • Game console ( I'm using a 2DS)
  • Faux leather, or real leather whichever works. Always have more than needed. A sheet of it works best.
  • Thread made for leather work such as sinew thread
  • Scissors made for leather. If you are using faux leather regular fabric scissors will work
  • Cool button.
  • Sharpie
  • Optional: Snaps for attachment
  • Strong sewing needle
  • Surface you don't mind poking into.

Step 1: Measure Your Console

On your leather, measure the width of your console. Make the width a little bit wider than the console itself so you can sew it easier. Then measure the height. Once you measure the height, double it but make sure you can make it long enough to close the holster. This will make it so you have one long piece to work with. This is easier than sewing individual pieces together. Cut out your piece. Save the rest of the leather for later.

Step 2: Sew the Sides.

Put your console at the bottom of your piece. Fold the bottom over the console just enough so it can cover the console completely. Remove the console making sure the leather stays in place. Thread your needle and blanket stitch the sides together. If you made you leather piece long enough, you will have excess leather on the top. Leave the top piece alone for now.

Step 3: Add Your Belt And/or Belt Loops

If you typically wear belts then adding belt loops is recommended. If you don't own a belt or if you don't wear belts often then you can make a belt to go on your holster. I recommend the belt because it works with the bonus item at the end of this tutorial. To make the belt loops, cut two wide strips of leather. Make these strips into loops by either sewing them on the back of the holster directly, or by sewing the ends of the strips together to make loops and then sew them on to the back. To make the strap, cut a wide strip of leather long enough to go around your waist. Measure where you want your holster to go on your waist. Sew the strip in between the top and bottom. Attach your snap onto the end of the strap to attach it to your waist

Step 4: Make the Top

Remember the top I said not to touch earlier? Well now we get to mess with it! Measure where you want your button and mark it on the top flap and the front of the holster. Sew the button onto the front and cut a slit for the button to go through on the top. Now, to make this legend of Zelda theme even more obvious, on the top draw with your sharpie, the triforce! Last, finish the top by making it rounded at the bottom.

Step 5: Bonus: Cartridge Case!

So if your console requires a cartridges then you might want to take them on your holster too! To make this,you need to have a strap made for your holster. To make the case repeat steps 1,2,4 except measure your cartridge instead of your console. To attache it your holster sew it onto the strap. I hope you all found this project usefull and I hope it wasn't too confusing. Thank you for checking it out!

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