Make a Longboard Bearings Cleaning Kit Under $5 in 9 Easy Steps




Introduction: Make a Longboard Bearings Cleaning Kit Under $5 in 9 Easy Steps

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You can easily make a bearings cleaning kit yourself with materials you might have already at home for a fraction of the cost of store bought bearings cleaning kits and you can make under 10 minutes.

Cleaning your longboard bearings is a necessity to keep them smooth. You will ride much better with clean longboard skateboard bearings.

There are bearing cleaning kits out there you can buy such as Bones Bearings Cleaning kit or Oust Bearings Cleaning Kit for around $15, but with cheap or free (recycled) materials you already have - you can make one yourself. Best of all, you can use it over and over again. The kit is also great for skateboard bearings.

Step 1: What You Need to Make Your DIY Bearing Cleaning Kit

Small plastic bottle with a wide enough lid (sample: small Gatorade bottle) = recycle
Cheap ballpoint casing = one you have lying around
Scissors = you have already
¼” washer = $0,11
2 x ¼” nut with coarse tread = $0,28
¼” x 6” Bolt with coarse tread = $ 0,46
O- ring that fits around the bolt (like 1/16” OD x ¼” I.D x 3/32 O-ring) =$0,22

Step 2: Step 1. Cut a Small Hole

Take off the lid from the bottle.
Cut a small hole in the lid that will fit your bolt. You can use a scissor and punch it in.

Step 3: Step 2. Add the O-ring

Slide the O-ring on the bolt all the way to the top. This prevents leaking. You can find an O-ring in the plumbing department at home improvement stores.

Step 4: Step 3. Put the Bolt and the Lid Together

Slip the bolt through the hole.

Step 5: Step 4. Add the Washer

Take your washer and slide this all the way in the lid.

Step 6: Step 5. Add the Nut

Put on your ¼ “ nut and screw it all the way to the lid. This will hold everything in place.

Step 7: Step 6. Cut the Pen Casing

Take your pen and disassemble it. Cut or saw spacers from the outside of the pen. You can do this with a handsaw, sharp scissors or a crafts knife. Sand it a little to get the rough edges off if necessary. You can wing the length. Just don’t make it too long. You need to be able to cut 9 spacers out of the pen. If it is easier, you can add lines on the pen with a sharpie before cutting it.

Step 8: Step 7. Add the Bearings and Spacers to the Bolt

Now take the spacers and 8 bearings and put them onto the bolt, alternating from one bearing to one spacer.

Step 9: Step 8. Place Wing Nut

Place the nut at the end of your bolt.

Step 10: Done!

Your DIY Longboard Bearing Cleaning Kit is ready for use!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like an excellent idea! I'm guessing you then fill the bottle with some kind of solvent? What do you recommend?

    Also after they are clean, do you relube with oil or grease?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    hi Seamster, you are close, with citrus cleaner and some sewing machine oil the bearing will be back to new.

    Will have an Instructable up on how to use the cleaning kit shortly. Hang in there.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Sewing oil? Huh, who knew!

    Very good info. Glad you shared this, and am looking forward for more!