Introduction: Make a Magic Bill You Can Cut and Restore ! Amazing

Showing to people 2 dollar bill.Place one under the other.Take sharp scisor and cut the two bill.Unbelievable the 2 dollar are restored.!This instructable will show you how it works ! cool :)

Step 1: What You Need

you need

2 identical money paper (mine is 5 dollars canadian)

Baby powder (talc)

2 coat rubber cement

sharp scissor

Step 2: Apply 2 Coat Rubber Cement

apply 2 succesive coat or ruber cement

(wait for the first one dry and apply and second coat)

Apply about 1/2 inch wide in the center of the bill.

let it dry 5 min.

Step 3: Apply Baby Powder

Put baby powder on the dry glue. (make the glue un-shinning)
and it stop the bill stick togheter.
Shake your bill for removing all the powder.

Step 4: How Make the Trick

Ask to someone to analyse your 2 bill. Nothing special like ordinary bill. Place one over the other and ask someone to cut right in the middle.(you should take the 2 bill in perfect rectangle position). When you separate the bill you unfold them and surprise the 2 bill are restored !

Step 5: How It Works.

When you place the bill , place it face to face .
when you cut the bill ,the thin layer of rubber cement joint them in the cut .

That it

Try with some paper before you cut all your money . :)

have fun