Introduction: Make a Megaphone

About: youtube diy creator for now Haha

in this Instructables, I will instruct you how to build a megaphone

for this idea, I got inspired by a video on youtube of a man making a megaphone out of paper

I really like the idea but it wasn't satisfying enough for me it needs to have electronics and 3d printing in it it needs more power I need to make it alive haha


PLA filament ( whatever color you like )

M3.5 nuts

M3.5 screws

boost converter

77mm /8ohm speaker

capacitors(values in schematics)

resistors(values in schematics)

lm386N-1 chip



push button

18650 lipo battery

Step 1: First Watch the Video

make sure first you watch the video to fully understand how it works and how to mount it

Step 2: Print All the Parts

upload and print all the STL files

Step 3: Gather the Parts

gather all your parts so you can make it quickly and enjoy your project without having to stop every time for something missing

Step 4: Make Your Circuit

cut a perf board into a 70mm circle and solder your parts according to this diagram

it is very important that you choose the same values to get a good result but if you know what you are doing well feel free to modify it however you like

if you want the Gerber files for the PCB contact me and will send it to you because I can't upload it here on Instructables (I don't know why actually)

Step 5: Mount the Hand

mount the handgrip to the main body

paste glue on the battery holder and put it in its place

put the push button into its hole, solder the wires and pass them through the hole and then slide the grip in the main body and close it with the lid with nuts and screws

Step 6: The Main Part

put the circuit and the mic in it's desired place and then solder their wires and close the back with M3.5 screws in their appropriate holes

Step 7: Mount the Cones

put the speaker in the big cone than mount the inside cone to hold the speaker inside

after this put some foam on the back of the inside cone to decrease the noise and the oscillation

Step 8: Close Everything Up

solder the final wires check voltage one more time before final touch and then close everything

Step 9: Congratulations

congratulations now you've just made your own megaphone

please share with us your megaphone if you make it and share this project with your friends and follow me on youtube for more similar projects

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