Introduction: Make a Menorah or Candleholder

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Hi Makers! Today we are making some holiday decor for the Holiday Decor Speed Challenge! (Make sure to vote!) I wanted to make something that is easily adaptable for any holiday you celebrate so it can be a menorah for hannukkah, a kinara for kwanzaa, a pretty diwali tealight, or a nice little light to light up the winter nights for christmas or winter solstice or whatever you want really.

Since it is a pandemic and you can't exactly go to the store, all of the supplies are replaceable so you can make without having to shopping :)


For the base:a tile or a piece of wood or some cardboard or a plate

To decorate, use a mix of:paint, stickers, sharpiesand isopropyl, washi tape, duct tape, etc.

The candleholders need to be metal so they don't burn. You can use metal nuts (like every jewish toddler does in preschool) metal beads, thick washers, or what I did because I can't get to the hardware store: Pie tins! (I'm sure you have one leftover from your pumpkin pie or something) Or, any sort of thick foil will do.

To assemble: hot glue works really well, or double-sided tape, duct tape, superglue, elmer's from your kid's slime-making kit, glue dots, chewing gum, etc. Anything sticky goes!

Let's get making!

Step 1: Decorate the Top of Your Base

What I did: Scribble on the tile in sharpie and dab gently on the tile to marble it.

Do whatever decor you want now...

Step 2: Decorate the Sides

I masked the top with masking tape and painted the edges in bronze acrylic paint. Let it dry and peel off the masking tape.

If you have cardboard, maybe put some tape on the sides to smooth it.

Step 3: Make Candleholders

If you have nuts or beads or washers that are ready to hold candles skip this step.

Cut circles out of the pie tin/foil. (about the size of a tealight is what I used) I made 9 for a menorah, make as many as you need.

Trace the candle in the center of each and cut 6 slits that just reach the inner circle. Bend around candle and clear tape on the outside to hold. Repeat.

Step 4: Optional: Make It Taller

Glue a pony bead to the bottom for a taller candle (eg. for the shamash on a menorah)

Step 5: Attach It Together

Glue in the desired arrangement and let cool/harden. If you want, put some hot glue or pony bead "feet" on the bottom for stability.

Step 6: Tada!

Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy and don't forget to vote!

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