Introduction: Make a Metal Holiday Tree!

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Easily make a metal Holiday tree to add an industrial touch to your holiday decor!

Step 1: Select Your Material

Choose and purchase your material by type and thickness (sold by the square foot). The material used in this instructables was 20 ga galvanized steel and Diamond Plate Aluminum.

Step 2: Trace Pattern

  1. You can use this template or a design provided by NextFab Staff
  2. You can also print an image or draw one yourself
    • Cut out your paper template and use a glue stick to adhere it to the metal
  3. Use a extra fine point permanent marker or a scribe to trace out the pattern

Step 3: Cut Out the Rough Shape

There are many options to cut out your piece.

  • Bandsaw (be sure to select the proper speed for the thickness and type of metal)
  • Hacksaw
  • Sheet Metal Snips (Aviator Snips)

Just to name a few...

Step 4: Clean Up and De-burr Your Tree

After you have the rough piece cut, you can use a grinder/sander to clean up the contours. Then use a combination of files to dress and clean up the corners and de-burr your part.

Step 5: Apply a Finish to Your Tree!

After you have gotten your shapes and contours to where you like them, you can now focus on what kind of finish you would like on your tree. Some ideas on what to use are:

  • Spray Paint (not recommended for Stainless Steel)
  • Sanding
  • Scotchbrite
  • Palm
  • Sander3" air sander (higher grit sanding disc is recommended)

Step 6: Enjoy Your Holiday Tree!

Happy Holidays from NextFab!