Introduction: Make a Mobile Antenna to Listen to FM Radio Without Headphones

Listening to FM Radio on our Mobile Phones Always needs headphones. And especially indoors, the reception can be quite bad. So here's how to build a Simple Antenna to listen to radio without headphones. As a benefit, they also greatly improve reception indoors.

Step 1: Get the Materials

You will need:

  • An old/cheap antenna (I got one from my old toy RC Plane remote)
  • An old pair of headphones/Aux Cable (To get the .35 mm jack)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Scotch Tape (Also called Duct tape, Transparent tape, etc)
  • A phone which supports listening to radio

Step 2: Strip the Headphone Wire

Now you need to strip the headphone wire to a little bit away from the jack. You can do that with your hands or with a scissor.

Step 3: Cut the Jack Along With the Stripped Wires

Cut the jack from the headphone leaving some of the wires you stripped earlier.Make sure the Copper is exposed properly.

Step 4: Insert the Jack in the Antenna

Depending upon the radius of the antenna, you may have to thin the outside black part of the jack and insert it straight into the antenna as in the picture. I have used an expandable antenna. You also have to be careful that the copper wire touches the edge of the antenna. For that, just fold the Copper wire towards an edge and push it in the antenna. It doesn't matter if it touches or not, but indoor reception has been great for me if it touches.

Step 5: Put Some Tape Over It and Put It Into the Phone!

You can see in the image that the radio doesn't work without headphones, but as soon as I plug in the antenna, it thinks of it to be a headphone. Also, you must select the speaker mode to get the sound out of the phone speakers. Look here and there, it's pretty easy to find.

Step 6: Done! Just a Notice for Sony Xperia Users

For All Sony Xperia Users, you must cut the headphones that came along with your phone. Otherwise, it won't work.

This is my first inscrutable, so forgive me if something is not up to the mark. Hope You Liked It!!!

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