Introduction: Make a Mobile With Knitted Spirals

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I learned how to make these knitted spirals from the Guerrilla Knitters (Yarn Bombers) at the Newcastle Maker Faire - thank you Nicola

They are quick and easy to knit, and all you need to know is how to cast on, knit and cast off.

Step 1: What You Need

Left over yarn - any weight, but you will end up with 160 stitches on your needles! [Mine were all Sirdar yarns, from L to R: Funky Fur, Tiny Tots DK & Vegas]
Knitting needles to suit your yarn - for DK or Light Worsted use 4mm (UK 8, US 6)
Large tapestry needle - to weave in ends
An embroidery hoop - I used a 9" hoop
Spray paint - to colour co-ordinate your hoop.
String, yarn or fishing line to hang the mobile from the ceiling (or wherever suits)

Step 2: Paint Your Hoop

In a well ventilated place put a protective covering down and then use your spray paint on both parts of your hoop according to the manufacturers directions.  Don't forget to turn your hoops over to get a coating on all surfaces.

Step 3: Knit the Spirals

To knit one spiral:
Cast on 40 stitches
knit 3 rows in garter stitch
the next row knit into each stitch twice to double the number stitches - you should end up with eighty
knit 3 rows in garter stitch
the next row knit into each stitch twice to double the number stitches - this time you should end up with one hundred and sixty!
knit another three rows in garter stitch
cast (bind) off loosely and the spiral appears "as if by magic".

Use the tapestry needle to weave the shorter tail in to the knitting.

Leave a long enough tail to attach your spiral onto the embroidery hoop.

I knitted 8 spirals in 3 different yarn types. 

The bigger the needle size you use, the longer the spiral will hang.  If you are using a chunkier yarn, use longer needles as well to accommodate the "fatter" stitches.

Step 4: Assemble and Hang the Mobile

Fix the spirals onto the embroidery hoop in a pleasing arrangement. I simply wound the tails around the inner hoop and then slid the outer hoop into place and tightened the screw to hold them securely.  This way you can change your spirals if you want to.

Attach 3 identical lengths of fishing line to the hoop evenly spaced (120 degrees apart if you are feeling precise)

Add a single longer length long enough to reach your desired hanging point.

If using this mobile for a baby to look at ensure it is hung out of reach!

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