Introduction: Make a Parrot Suit or Diaper for Your Feathery Pal.

So, I know there are a lot of people out there who can get there hands on many pet product including a decent bird suit. Where i live i had the same problem, so I set out to make a bird suit,through trial and error i found a design thats easy to make and comfortable for your bird.I made one for my Alexandrian parrot Zuzu.You can make one for any bird.


Note : this design is for diaper purposes ,and doesn't cover most of the chest, for costume purposes I will post one that covers more of the chest area, so please be patient.

To make one you'll need:
1) Soft, light, cotton cloth ( about a foot by 4-5 inches )
2) Thin -medium thickness elastic (about 4 inches)
3) Paper
4) A pair of snap pins or velcro ( not for anything smaller than a amazon)
5) A pen
6)A sewing machine

Step 1: Measuring

First , take a notebook or staple two pices of paper together. Take your bird and place him on the paper, he's got to be very tame to do this. Take a pen and draw a brief outline starting from his shoulder to the base of his tail, and repeat on the other side.You should have a open part for the front, draw a straight line connecting both ends of the line adding an inch to length. So if your outline is 5inches long, you should close the lines at 6 inches. Now cut out the shapes and CAREFULLY hold your bird as i did in the pic and see if it needs to be adjusted. Trim off any edges that seem to be unnecessary ,but remember to keep the diaper large enough for your bird to be comfortable.Do the same for the front piece. Next is easy , cut a long strip of cloth about 8 inches and cut it in half. Place the halves on you birds shoulders and mark where they can hold the pieces you cut snugly. Keep one end at the shoulder and mark where the other end should be cut.Keep all these pieces together

.Finally the easiest step, take the elastic and very lightly wrap it around you parrot's tail's base. Just above the preen gland or about an 1 1/2 inch from the base.Remember this is for birds the size of an Alexandrian, for other birds ,you will have to measure from scratch.

Step 2: Cut Out the Fabric

Ok, so now all you do is take the two outlines you made and trace around them on your fabric.After this draw another outline 1/2 inch away ,you will hem this later.If you are really  good at sewing you can make it thinner.You can label them front and back if you want. For the elastic, place it on the fabric and cut and outline double it's width leaving a little fabric at the ends so you can hem it too.

Step 3: Start Your Sewing Machines !

Ok so this is pretty self explanatory, you just need to hem the pieces. Thats' it. just make sure you don't leave any strings AT ALL, especially if you have a parrot who loves to nibble like Zuzu here.Try to do it as close t the border as possible leaving the smallest possible border.Try not to make it too thick at border.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Ok so this is where it all comes together. First you attach both the straps to only ONE piece.Make sure they face the same side ,that means inside to inside, and outside to outside. Then sew on the other piece to , sew the straps at the edge of the pieces.Make sure to test them on your bird first to make sure it fits right.

Then sew the elastic to the piece of cloth by clamping one of the elastic end between one end of the cloth, foming a pocket leaving one end free. Sew the side up too, Then sew this to one side of the front piece.

Now you have to hand sew one of the snap pins to the free end of the elasti facing the inside of the suit. Sew the other to the other side on the opposite end.

Step 5: Suit Up !

Put it on your bird by putting it over his head so the straps come on his shoulders and get tucked in his wings.Poke the front piece between hie legs and button the elastic around the ends of the pieces. This should be nice and snug. For the diaper, you can sew the rectangle of cotton to the front piece at you know where , don't make me describe it in public please. Or you can tape it there and change it whenever you need. So there you go keep an eye the first time you make him wear it and supervise if you're leaving him for a while.

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