Introduction: Make a Pen Launcher

This is my guide to make a pen launcher. It doesn't look like a lot, but it is.
Ball Point pen
Thick rubber band
Rubber band of any type.
This is not safe to point at objects of humans. Don't use inside. I'm not responsible for damage caused by using this.

Step 1: Take Apart Your Pen

This is a very easy step. Then again, this is all easy. Take apart the pen using the way you know to do it. That is, take off the cap, remove ink tube and spring, and (if possible) take off end.

Step 2: Remove Bottom

Try to take off the bottom by hand if possible. If not, do it the funner way. Using your hack saw, cut away the bottom of your pen. If I could do it with a pen like mine, you can do it with a normal pen. Just make sure you aren't a 3 year old. In the rare case that you must, remove what remains in the pen.

Step 3: Assemble Your Weapon!

Break your rubber bands so it is just a strip of rubber. Put the thick rubber band on the side of your pen with the thinnest hole. If both are the same size, it doesn't matter. With your other rubber band, tie the thick one on with a knot that isn't bad. In other words, don't call putting the rubber band around the thick one. You can use tape if you want but a knot will fall off before your band breaks. Actually, I have a reason to use tape but shouldn't apply to you. Now it's time to see this weapon's power!

Step 4: Time to Fly!

Put the ammunition (ink tube) in the barrel (pen casing) and push as far as it goes. Once it's all the way in, pull back through the other side and when you release it: BAM! it goes flying out and this is not something to try inside. Enjoy, and be safe.

Step 5: Extra Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips to get the most out of your pen launcher.
1.Use multiple pieces of rubber band/taps, or maybe both together.
2.Place the thing you use to hold the thick rubber band on near the covered part of the barrel.
3.Shoot in an area that has a white concrete ground that you wouldn't care if it got ruined. The street should be good if you are accurate enough,
4.I'm pretty sure it works better if the tape/rubber band that holds it together is near the covered end.