Introduction: Make a Powerful 9V Rechargable Salt Battery

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In this instructable, you will learn how to make a powerful 9V rechargeable battery from iron nails and copper wire.The battery is rechargeable like any other normal battery and is really simple to make.

For complete understanding of the project you must watch the video.

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Credits -> creative electron7M

Step 1: Requirements:

  1. syringe piston
  2. 12 Iron nails (better if you have zinc alloy nails).
  3. some paper strips
  4. sandpaper
  5. salt
  6. water
  7. LED lights 8 to 9 volts
  8. multi-meter
  9. screwdriver
  10. copper wire of any thickness

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Credits -> creative electron7M

Step 2: Construction: 1

First, what you have to do is remove the insulation of the copper wire with the help of the sandpaper.After doing that keep the copper wire and hold the nail in your hand.Take one of the paper strips and roll It around the nail as shown in the picture.Now simply turn the copper wire 35 times on the nail with the paper in between.Do this to all the 12 nails.

Make sure that the copper wire does not touches the nail directly.

Now take the syringe piston and make 6 holes on one side as shown in the picture.You can also use a soldering iron as I have.

For better understanding of the project results you must watch the video.

Now take the screwdriver and push the screws through the holes.Carry out the same procedure on the other side of the piston.

Do this until all the screws are installed on the piston.

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Credits -> creative electron7M

Step 3: Construction: 2

After you have completed all that was instructed in the previous step, connect all the 12 nails in series.

If you do the voltage check of this setup, the output voltage should be zero.So what you have to do now is take a plastic container filled with water and place the Piston in the water container.

Make sure that all the nails are dipped in the water if not, then add some more water.Now add some salt in it to make the water conducting.Salt water is a good conductor of electricity.

Leave the Piston in it for 2 to 3 minutes until the paper between the nails and the copper soaks the salt water.

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Credits -> creative electron7M

Step 4: Testing:

Now take out the piston from the container and check the voltage with the help of a multimeter.It should reflect 7V to 9V DC on the multi-meter screen.

You can now connect some actual loads to this homemade battery and it should work fine.

To recharge this battery, you will need a multimeter to determine the polarity of this battery and then you will have to use a 9 volt volt dc adapter to charge it.

The output should be somewhere around 0.30A to 0.40A.

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Credits -> creative electron7M