Introduction: Make a Proximity Sensor,Remote Detector,Light Sensor in a Single Circuit

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Hi guys.....
I am going to show you how i made a simple Proximity sensor,that detects Remote Control signals....

Step 1:

This is the main circuit consisting of Transmitter and receiver section...

i have tried this circuit on Bread board and found it working 100%..
so sorry for not showing that...ill guide you through PCB model...

To make this you need...

1) CD 4047 (Astable Multi Vibrator) -- 1
2) Power MOSFET (55NF06) --1
3) Variable Resistor -50 k Ohms, 22k Ohms
4) Darlington pair NPN transistor-- BD139
      1K ohm (2)
      150k ohm(1)
      470 ohm(1)
       1 ohm (1 watt)
6)IR LED's-4
7)PCB or Breadboard
11)9v battery and clip

Step 2:

Step 3:

THE 3 Images below Shows the circuits Working

This Infrared transmitter can activate IR based switching circuits from a distance of 10 meters or more. It is a high power IR transmitter driving two IR LEDs through a Darlington transistor BD 139 to increase range and directionality.
IC CD 4047 is wired as an Astable multivibrator and its output pulses depend on the values of C1 and VR1. By adjusting VR1 the output frequency can be adjusted from 10 KHz to 60 KHz. High output from IC1 is available from its Q output (Pin 10) which is used to drive the NPN Darlington transistor BD 139. Resistor R4 restricts the power of IR LEDs to a safer level. Q_ (Pin 11) is the complimentary output of IC1 which is used to connect the indicator LED which flashes in sympathy with the IR signals.

Step 4: The Circuit Diagram

Dont worry ....The Circuit will work 100 %....i bet.....

Also see the video ....How it works....

[Play Video]

Step 5:

SEE the video

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