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Introduction: Make a Puzzle Sphere

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The puzzle sphere could be a fun gift for those who are ready to rise to the challenge to balance it using only pens, pencils or markers.

3d printing pen

2 rolls of filament ( about 10 feet each)

a sphere

aluminum foil

a jar

paper napkin

1 index card

wire brush (to clean nozzle)

1 permanent marker

4 twist ties (optional)

Step 1: Let's Draw!


1. Draw motifs and test them by cutting the shapes out and selecting a marker or pen and check if it can slide through the paper.

2. Draw motifs on index card, cut into squares and then cut out the shapes.

3. Line a jar with a paper napkin. Insert the sphere and wrap half of it in foil.

4. Draw motifs on foil with your marker.

5. Read your 3d pen's instructions. I plugged in my 3d pen printing pen, warmed it up. When the lights grew steady I inserted the filament and began drawing with my pen. I used the wire brush to pick up filament between drawings from the nozzle.

6. Once the half sphere is drawn with filament, Pluck it! Pull foil away from filament. It is easy and fun. Make another sphere. When it is time to join the two halves of the sphere it is ok to overlap it if needed, or use twist ties to hold them together while you draw the connections.

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