Introduction: Make a Robot(Monster) That Eats Coins From Cardboard

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Hi everybody :)

Today, I will show you how to Make a Robot that Eats Coins

it's really interesting

Let's make it :)

For complete step by step video tutorial refer above video !!!

⚡ Sorry everyone, but this tutorial may not be detailed. You can see the specific instructions by the video I posted above

Step 1: Prepare

Prepare a 30cm x 15cm carton, pencil, ruler and paper knife

And draw as shown

Step 2: Making Waves

Making waves from cardboard

Step 3: CUT

Cut the cardboard along the line

After cutting it, we will get the upper and lower parts of the robot

Step 4: Draw a Circle With Radius of 4.5 Cm

Draw a Circle With Radius of 4.5 Cm

This circle helps Create a head and a base for the robot

Step 5: Original Shape

After finishing the upper and lower parts. Place the top part gear on top of the lower part to create the original shape

Step 6: Mount the Top and Bottom With a Small Cover

Mount the top and bottom with a small cover

You have completed half the work

Step 7: Use the Clothesline Hook and Form This Shape

Use the Clothesline Hook and Form This Shape

Step 8: Use Ice Cream Sticks

Make two small holes in the ice-cream stick to make hands for robots

Attach an ice cream stick in the middle to hold the two ice cream sticks on the sides (second photo)

Step 9: ​Create a Hole

Create a hole in the side of the robot

And use bamboo toothpicks to hold

Step 10: Fully Prepared

Fully prepared : Geared Motor, 9V Battery, battery connector

Step 11: Use Ice Cream Stick

Use an ice cream stick and create a shape like in the picture

Attach the newly created ice cream stick to the motor
And Test

Step 12: Make a Mini Box

Make a mini box to store the motor and Put the motor in

Step 13: Create a Small Hole

Create a small hole behind the robot to put the wire through

Step 14: Create a Circle

Create a Circle2 More Images

Create a circle with a radius of 2cm

Use conductive materials. In the video I use aper knife blade (second photo)

Use solder tin and solder to the newly created paper knife blade (third photo)

and attach 9v battery (fifth photo)

Step 15: ​Use Glue

Use hot glue to glue the circle to the ice-cream stick

Step 16: Use the Hook

Use the hook to attach the robot arm to the upper part of the robot

Note : Do it for both sides

Step 17: Making Legs for Robots

You can design in any shape you like, not necessarily the same as the video

Use 2 ice cream sticks to make the robot legs

Step 18: Decorate

Decorate the robot face your own way

Decorate the horn of the robot to add a funny part

Step 19: Finished Product. Let's See the Finished Product

Thanks for watching.

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