Introduction: Make a Rotating Table "Lazy Susan"

What is up guys, In this instructable I am going to make a really simple rotating table also known as lazy susan mainly used for product shooting and showcase. I hope you enjoy it.

Step 1: 3D Design

Step 2: Making the Base

So, for this project you are gonna need a large piece of MDF plate, a smaller chunk of wood and a 12V high torque DC motor.


- 12V High Torque Motor:

Also the MDF plate I am gonna use could be thinned down to 4 mm which will work just ok.

I firstly mark a center of a smaller chunk and drill a 30 mm hole on a stationary drill press with leaving a 6mm hole in the middle for wires of the motor.

After that I use a table router to chamfer the edges on one side and paint the chunk with light brown color.

Step 3: The Table Itself

Next thing is to cut a circle out of our MDF plate. I firstly locate the center and drill a small 3mm hole in the middle.

Then with help of a nail and a wire I mark a perfectly round circle and cut it our with a jig saw.

With vibrating sander I smooth the edges and try to make them again as round as possible.

After drilling a bit bigger hole for the screw I used an acrylic white paint to covre the whole surface of our rotary table.

Step 4: Putting All Together

While waiting for paint to dry I instal our motor into the wooden chunk and secure it with two small screws.

If you dont have them just take apart some of your old electronic devices and I am sure you will find lots of them suitable for this job.

Now, just simply screw on the board and tighten it with a hex key.

Step 5: Test Shoots

For the power source I use my 3-12V power regulator and the last thing to do was to cover the middle hole with a white round sticker and there we have it guys.

With the combination of perfect lighting and camera angle you can achieve very professional results.

Thank you for reading this instructable, if you have any questions, please leave them in the description below and also don't forget to check out a video tutorial at the end.

Step 6: Watch a Video