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This is a really cool and disgusting project that it seems as if a dinosaur of Jurassic Park Just blinked at You.

It is super easy to make and will make everyone around you ecstatic about it.

Lets get started...

Step 1: Materials Required

1.A Square Sheet of paper

2.Sketch pens

Step 2: Right to Left

1.fold one corner of the paper to the opposite corner as illustrated in image 1

2.Unfold it.

3.Do the same to the other two corners as illustrated in image 3 and 4

Step 3: Top to the Bottom..

1.Take the top corner of the paper to the center of the midline.

2.Now repeat the same step again as illustrated in image 2.

3.Unfold everything and should look like in image 3.

Step 4: Minute Folds

1.Fold the top corner to the first visible line.

2.Do the same to both the top and bottom corners as illustrated in image 2.

3.Repeat the same for the new fold as illustrated in image 3.

Step 5: The Last Folds

1.Now fold all the four corners at an angle as illustrated in image 1,2,3 and 4.

Make sure all the folds are identical else it will not work...

Step 6: Work on the Opposite Sides..

1.Turn over the paper and take the right and left corners of the paper to the center line of the paper as illustrated in image 1 and 2.

Step 7: Draw the Scary Eyes

1.Use Black marker to draw realistic eyes.You can google it up.

2.Fold the top corner to hide the eye as illustrated in image 2

Step 8: The Function..

Pull the two sides in order to create an blinking image as shown in the photo.

Watch the scary video tagged in.

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