Make a Seven Pointed Star Quickly With Zotebook

Introduction: Make a Seven Pointed Star Quickly With Zotebook

Unusual stars are a great design feature to break up symmetry and create interest.

With a few simple gestures you can make any unusual star in Zotebook.

Step 1: All You Need Is an IPad With the Free Zotebook App

To make the star you just need to download the free Zotebook app from the app store.

Later, if you want, you can upgrade and cut your star out on a laser cutter, craft cutter, or print it out on a 3D printer.

Step 2: Same Angle and Same Length

With Zotebook, you don't hunt for commands but use a few simple gestures from "Help."

To make stars, you'll need to use the Same Angle and Same Length gestures.

  • Make Same Lengths with a tick on each line segment.
  • Make Same Angles with a tick or line across each angle.

Step 3: Make a Perfect Triangle

Practice with a triangle.

Just sketch with your finger to make any triangle.

Now use the Same Length gesture (make a tick on each side) to make an equilateral triangle.

Try using the Same Angle gesture on the corner too (you don't need this with a triangle but it's fun to practice.)

Step 4: Make a 5 Pointed Star

The simple gestures from the triangle are all you need to make a 5 pointed star:

  • First, sketch a 5 pointed star, keeping your lines relatively straight.
  • Use the Same Angle gesture to make all the points the same angle.
  • Do the same with the inside angles.
  • Finally, put Same Length ticks in the middle of each line segment to complete your star.

Step 5: What to Watch Out For

Drawing the star isn't hard, but the line segmentsl need to be straight. If the initial line segments are too curvy, they won't be able to respond to the Same Length gesture. If this happens, you can try to fix the segment but usually it's easier to just try agin and redraw.

If you are are having trouble drawing, try slowing down, move with a a steady but deliberate pace. It might take a little practice or you might get the hang of it right away.

If you do get straight lines you are in good shape (haha!). You might miss an angle or line segment but it's easy to go back and fix it.

Step 6: Make a Seven Pointed Star

Now you are ready for a seven pointed star.

It's exactly the same procedure as for the 5 pointed star.

Count your points carefully to get the star you want!

Notice, for both stars I have done the angles first, then the lines segments.

I find that works best because once the angles are regular there is a bit more room between segments.

Step 7: Copy and Move

One you have a star you can try out some other Zotebook features from help like using the Shape Widget to move and copy.

Step 8: Stretch and Play With the Star

A unique feature of Zotebook is how easy it is to adjust and play with the shape of your star.

Grab an inside point and pull to stretch.

Wait a few seconds for the shape to resolve.

Step 9: Make a Cool Outline

Using the Shape Widget you can also make a outline of your star.

The first step to some Elton John type glasses maybe?

Step 10: Try a 13 Point Star

The same technique for the 7 point star works for a 13 point star or any other.

Step 11: Want More?

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