Introduction: Make a Shield From the Patterns on Coins

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Hi again,

This instructable is kind of like a puzzle, so I hope you enjoy it. This shield that is made up from different coins looks quite cool - I was thinking of gluing it to some stiff card and displaying it inside a picture frame. Though I haven't got quite round to it might like to do it, so I'll be looking for the I Made It pictures in the comments!

I hope you enjoy it...

Step 1: Items That You Need

Coins: one each of each coin - refer to pictures for help - ensure that one side of each coin is the same as the coins in the pictures - most newer coins will be the same - you might want to use shiny coins if you're planning to put it on display!







    £1 optional but recommended


    Picture Frame

    Hot Glue or a strong glue

    Thick/Stiff card

      Step 2: The Shield

      If you look carefully at the £1 you'll see it has a shield on it, and the shield is made up of four pieces:

      3 Lions

      A Standing Lion

      A Harp

      3 Lions Again

      Now, if you look at the coins you have gathered, you'll see that they have pieces of this shield on them.

      So what we'll do is piece them together, so they make up the shield on the pound coin.

      Step 3: Assembly

      Now, place the 50 p at the bottom, the 5 p above it, the 1 p to its top left and 20 p to its top right.

      Now, place the 10 p to the top left of the 5 p and the 2 p to its top right. Make sure all the lines and patterns connect.

      What I just wrote probably just sounded like gobbledygook, so it's just better if you looked at the picture.

      I put the £1 right at the top, but that's totally up to you. If you're going to hand it up, you can put glitter around it or put more coins, but remember that you made it and you can decorate it however you want.

      Step 4: Thank You

      Thank you for reading this Instructable. I sincerely hope you enjoyed it.

      If you have any questions, feel free to drop a post below - and as always, comments and feedback are much appreciated.

      I'll also be looking forward to pictures of you're coin creation.

      "That's all, folks"