Make a Shogi Set in About an Hour Using Recycled Materials

Introduction: Make a Shogi Set in About an Hour Using Recycled Materials

I will be showing you how I made a Shogi set out of recycled cardboard. This was a gift for a good friend of mine for Christmas.

**Rules of Shogi can be found at:

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

-Cardboard (at least 9.5x9.5 inch, or whatever size you want)
-scissors (To cut cardboard and index cards. I used pocket knives)
-Glue (Glue stick works perfectly.)
Optional Materials:


Step 2: Step 1: Cut Out Board

Cut out the board from the cardboard piece. I measured mine at 9.5x9.5 inches, to leave about 1/2 inch of edge. You can cut this to whatever dimensions you like, as long as you can divide it by 9.

Step 3: Step 2: Measure/draw Boxes

pretty self explanatory. Measure out your side lengths (The sides of mine are 9 inches each, to make 1 square inch boxes) and then draw the lines to

Step 4: Step 3 (Optional): Color Squares

This is optional, but suggested in order to make the board look better. At the very least you should take pencil and color in every other square..

Step 5: Step 4: Make Pieces

I used the templates for the pieces that were included at the Gene Davis Software website, which I will include as PDFs, to make my pieces. I cut cardboard to the appropriate size and then glued the templates on.

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