Introduction: Make a Shuriken Out of a Gear

In this simple-even-i-could-make-this instructable, i will show you how to turn the gear of your old bike into a fierce weapon!

- WarninG -

Dont do this without an adult, and dont throw your ninja star with anything or anyone around.
Dont do this if you are under 18! ( i`m fourteen but who cares )
Dont do this if you are mentaly chalenged please, or if you are just a dumbass.

lets get this little thing rollin then! ( look out, first instructable alert )

Step 1: Getting the Stuff

Search trough your garage for some old bike-gears, you better dont use the ones made for racing because they are too lightweigt.

Get ones that fit your hand, i used small ones but you should use slightly bigger ones.

Now get something strong to jam it into while you use the electronic vijl on it ( i dont know what its called in English, so just look at picture 2

Step 2: Drilling and End Result

Dont use the "drill" on a high level, just sharpen both sides of every tooth, and make them slightly "hookish"
you should expirement and make the dents between the tooth deeper then mine.

I hope you like the end result, its nice to do with kids i guess, if you have cool, tough kids who dont cry about everything